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Registration in advance

Please register in advance with the web form, even if it happens on Saturday morning. This will speed up your registration, because you do not have to fill in the complete registration form at the start area. You can pay for your participation upon registration with a card or cash. If you pay in euros in Sweden, we would like to have exact money.

Office open in Polcirkelhus

You can even pay in advance in our office in Polcirkelhus (upstairs). Office is open on friday from 17:00 to 21:00 and on saturday 8.00 - 11.00.

Car parking

The distance between the starting point and the destination of the 2000 meter swim in Sweden is approximately 2.7 km. If you are arriving by car, you can leave the car for example at Polcirkelhuset (Arctic Circle area) and walk about 2 km to the starting point or you can leave the car on the starting point of 2000 meters swim. Then someone of us organizers (at least Kai Metsävainio) can drive the drivers (swimmers) back to the starting point where the cars are. 

There is no transportation to the starting point of 3000 m swim after swimming, so those who come alone by the car is recommended to come first to Sweden (Arctic Circle area) from where swimmers will be transported to Finland by bus.

Competition schedule

11.00 - 12.00 Registration to 2000 meters swim

Starting position by the swimming beach. There are good signs beside the road. To navigator: Storavägen 123, 95723 Juoksengi, Sweden.

You will also receive a numbered swimming cap, a timer and a plastic bag to which you can put your clothes and other supplies you want to ship to the finish area. Attach the timer around the ankle. If it needed, we can make sure that the timer remains with the some ties.

13.00 Start 2000 meters

The competitors swim from the Swedish shore, crossing the boarder to Finland, across the Arctic Circle and end up to Niska's shore, close to soccer field of Polvallen.

13.15 Finish line

When you reach the goal area go immediately along the aisle to the shore where one of the official records the arrival order of the finish. If you do not take part in the 3000 meter swimming, give the timer to the next official. If you also attend a 3000 meter trip, take the same swimming cap and the timer with you.

On the finish area  there will be soup and coffee available for swimmers. Sauna, hot tubs and shower for the contestants at Polvallen (soccer field). Navigator: Polcirkelvägen 20, 95723 Juoksengi, Sweden.

14.15 Price giving ceremony at Polvallen soccer field

2000 meters awards at Polvallen soccer field.

Coffee and snacks for sale.


You have to wait several hours between swims of 2000m and 3000m. There is a summer cafe in Polcirkelhuset  (Arctic circle area) where coffee, pizza and fastfood dishes are served. Five kilometers south of the village Juoksengi there is a nice restaurant on the shore of river Tornionjoki. Kattilakoski Restaurang offers à la carte dishes as well as café products. If you want to rest you can also use Polcirkelhus upstairs.

20.30 Bus transportation to Finnish Juoksenki.

Departure to Finnish Juoksenki from the Artcic Circle house (Polcirkelhuset). Navigator: Storavägen 60, 95723 Juoksengi, Sweden.

21.00 Evening Party in Juoksenki (Finland)

The villages Juoksengi and Juoksenki competes against each other in “tug of war” and more. Coffee, sausages and snacks for sale. This take place at the 3000 meters starting area. The event is free of charge. Navigator: Rantatie 2, 95640 Juoksenki, Finland.

21.00 - 22.00 Registration for 3000 meters

At the 3000 meters starting area in Juoksenki, Finland. In connection with the registeration you will get a plastic bag to which you can put your clothes and other things you want to ship over the river to the finish area. If you take part only to 3000m swimming, you will get also the swimming cap and the timer which you have to put to your ankle. If it needed, we can make sure that the timer remains with the some ties.

23.05 Start 3000 meters from Finland (16th of july 2017, 00.05 Finnish hour)

The contestants swim from the Finnish shore, crossing the boarder to Sweden and the timezone, passing by the Arctic circle and reaches the finish line at Niskas shore close to Polvallen (soccer field).

Important information about the swimming track

​Swimming track is marked by buoys (or barrels), please stay close to them and on their right side. The buoys are either blue and white or blue and yellow. The boats will be on the left side of the buoys. So the buoys and the boats will be on your left. It is important that you stay all the time close to the buoys. ​

23:30 Finish line in Sweden

Those who swim in under 55 minutes reaches the finish line the day before the start. When you reach the finish area go immediately to the shore along the aisle where one of the official records the arrival order of the finish. You can leave the timer to next official. 

Soup, coffee is served at finish area. Sauna and hot tubs for the contestants at Polvallen. 

00.45 Award giving ceremony at Polvallen soccer field

3000 meters awards. Music entertainment. Coffee and snacks for sale.


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