Find us

With car

The easiest way to find here is with car. The village Juoksengi is settled along Route 99, which stretches from Haparanda to Karesuando. If you travel from Finland you can cross the boarder to Sweden in Torneå, Ylitornio, Pello or Kolari.

With bus

You can get to Juoksengi with bus. Check connections at Länstrafiken Norrbotten.

With train

Travel to Luleå and from there take the bus or car to Juoksengi. Check bus connections at Länstrafiken Norrbotten.

With airplane

The closest airports in Sweden are Pajala Airport and Luleå Airport. The closest airports in Finland are Kemi-Tornio and Rovaniemi.

It may be easier to go with car to Juoksengi, but there is also the ability to go with bus.


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