Swim the Arctic Circle

Swim back in time!

In the longer 3000 meter competition, you have a big chance of reaching the finish-line before the competition day. No doubt!

Two swimming-distances

The distances you can choose to swim are 2000 meters and 3000 meters. The 3000 meters competition starts at midnight, where you will swim from Finland across the national boarder to Sweden.

See you in July!

A competition day will be on the 11th of July, 2020. We will update this page with further information about the competition. Keep yourself updated.

Stay up to date

2020 registration will start in January. Event day is the 11th of July 2020.

Water temperature

17 ° Celcius


A unique swimming competition!

Come and cross borders in the open-water swimming competition in the Torne river.
You will not only swim across the border between Sweden and Finland, but also across the Arctic Circle and the time zone.
Feel welcome to come and cross your own personal borders too.
2000 m
3000 m

2000 m

The mass start at 2000 meters is done during daytime. It starts at the beach north of the Arctic Circle and before reaching the finish-line south of the Arctic Circle you will have swum over the national boarder to Finland. Start and finish at the Swedish shore.

3000 m

Night swimming in the bright nordic summer night. Starting from the Finish shore right after midnight, Finnish hour. You will not only swim over the border between Sweden and Finland, but also cross the Arctic Circle and the time zone. The one that is able to swim the distance in less than 55 minutes will actually cross the finish-line before the day the competition began. 

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