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Useful information of our event

The event has been arranged since 2011 and is an open-water swimming competition in the Torne River. The water temperature, the weather during the competition day and the river streams are challenged the contestants have to face.

The Torne river is an unregulated river with free-flowing water. Depending on water levels the streams can be more or less strong. During the competition days, the water temperatures are usually between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius. Over the years, temperatures have fluctuated between 15 and 23 degrees Celcius.


The mass start at 2000 meters is done during the daytime. It starts at the beach north of the Arctic Circle and before reaching the finish line south of the Arctic Circle you will have swum over the national border to Finland. Start and finish at the Swedish shore.

3000m - Swim back in time!

Night swimming in the bright Nordic summer night. Starting from the Finish shore right after midnight, Finnish hour. You will not only swim over the border between Sweden and Finland but also cross the Arctic Circle and the time zone. The one that is able to swim the distance in less than 55 minutes will actually cross the finish line before the day the competition began.


Our events are welcomed by enthusiasts and professionals, everyone can swim at their own pace. The strong flow of the river helps you to swim faster than the corresponding distance in small rivers. The minimum age is 12 years.

Number of participants

The maximum amount to participate in the competition is 150 swimmers per start.


Swim the Arctic Circle, an open water swimming competition, is settled in the Torne River. To guarantee the safety of all contestants there will be canoe riders and rowers in escort boats close by the contestants at all times throughout the swimming distance. The swimming is held along out-marked swimming lanes down the river. 

Doctors and divers will be present within the competition area and multiple of our functionaries have completed a Swedish or Finnish lifesaving course. Due to the length of the swimming distances we recommend wetsuits for all contestants! The use of a safety buoy is allowed.

All other volunteers have undergone the Swedish Swimming Federations official functionaries training.

Keep the following in mind

  • Make sure to have a good basic fitness
  • Practice in open water before the race
  • Try out your wetsuit in good advance so that the fit is correct
  • Strong health is key
If you have any doubts concerning your fitness, we recommend considering your participation in the competition for safety reasons.

Event arrangers

The event is arranged by IF Polcirkeln and held by Juoksengi Village Association in collaboration with Finnish Juoksengi Village Association. The competition is organized mostly by volunteers!

You can also support the event by ordering official Swim the Arctic Circle products.

Competition rules

The competition is held according to the Swedish swimming federation rules.

Area map

Swim the Arctic Circle in media

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