Juoksengi village

The competition is settled at the Arctic Circle in the village Juoksengi, which is located in Övertorneå in Tornedalen. Thanks to the areas collective history and culture, many of the villagers and the competition arrangers talk meänkieli and/or finnish. This mean that you will get by with finnish absolutely fine. The longer swimming distance, 3000 meters, starts from the Finnish side of the Torneriver in the Finnish Juoksenki.

Juoksengi and Juoksenki

The village belonged to Sweden until the peace in Fredrikshamn 1809 when the boarder between Russia and Sweden was drawn along the Torne river. The boarder split the village and the village residents into two pieces and it became two villages in two different countries, Juoksengi and Jouksenki. The cultural affinities is still alive today and the villages collaborate over the boarder. The village associations arranges different activities and during wintertime they maintain the ice road over the Torne river. The ice road shortens the distance between the villages with 60 kilometers.

We do it twice

New years is celebrated on the frozen Torne river. It is a double new years celebration at the boarder, because of the time difference between Sweden and Finland. Last years celebration attracted about 700 visitors, partly from the village but also from Finland, France, England and Norway.