Limited number of participants

We have limited the number of swimmers to 120 participants per distance.

Ticket sales only at online store

You can buy the ticket at our online store.

Payment by PayPal

Tickets can be paid by PayPal, either through PayPal or directly on your card.



One distance
500 SEK


Both distances
800 SEK

The following is included with the registration fee

  • The swimming-competition
  • A diploma and T-shirt.
  • Access to sauna and bath barrel after the swimming.
  • Warm soup.
  • Bus transportation from Sweden to the 3000-meter distance starting point, which is on the Finnish shore and carriage of your belongings from start place to a finish line.
  • The three best swimmers in each distance will be rewarded with a trophy. 

The terms of payment


You can buy the ticket to register for the swimming competition from our web shop. Your participation is verified when the ticket is paid. You get discounted price while buying both swimming distances at the same time. At one purchase, you can only buy one registration to both swimming distances.

120 tickets are reserved for each swimming distances. The ticket is personal. Therefore, it cannot be transferred to another person without organizers permission.


You can pay the registration fee with credit card or via PayPal when you are making the order. You don’t have to have PayPal- account to make the payment via credit card.

A person, who is not participating but wants to make the payment on behalf of a person participating, can do the payment.

After payment, you can click the link that will guide you back to our website. In this case, you will receive confirmation of successful payment right away. In other situations, you will get the confirmation message in few days.


Please contact us by email if you want to cancel your participation.

Returning the registration fee

Refunds are done to the same credit card or PayPal account used in payment.

The amount of refund will follow the schedule above:

Cancellation 30th of May 2018 at latest

We refund the whole amount of the registration fee.

Cancellation 14th of June 2018 at latest

We refund 50% of the registration fee.

Cancellations after 14th of June 2018

We refund only if you have a medical certificate concerning your cancellation.

Refunds are done same way the payment has been done, to the same credit card or PayPal-account used in payment. We don’t answer about the possible payment arbiter’s costs.


If the reservation system makes an overbooking, we hold the right to cancel the registration and make the refund.

Cancellation of the competition

If the competition start will be canceled because of the weather, we won't make any refunds to competitors.

More information

If you need any help or you have questions, please contact us by e-mailing to us:

During the competition days the water temperatures are usually between +16 and +19 degrees Celsius.
We recommend wetsuits for all contestants!
Please read our rules and guidelines.