Rules and guidelines

The swimming competition follows the competition rules of Swedish Swimming Federation. From this page, you can find the most important parts of those rules.

Our event is an open-water swimming competition. Swimming takes place downstream in free-flowing Torne River. If you don´t have a lot of experience from open-water swimming, we recommend not to participate in longer competition distances. If you have any doubts concerning your fitness, we recommend considering your participation in the competition for safety reasons.

Number of participants

The maximum amount to participate in the competition is 120 swimmers.


We strongly recommend all of the swimmers to use a wetsuit.

If the water temperature is below 16 degrees, the use of wetsuit is mandatory. If the weather conditions are poor, the competition official can also order the use of wetsuits to be mandatory even if the water temperature is above 16 degrees. The use of swimming gloves and –socks or any other assistance equipment are prohibited. However, it is allowed and even recommended to use a safety buoy.

Winter swimmers

If the use of wetsuit is mandatory in the competition, but you are a winter swimmer who only swims without the wetsuit (swim skin), we try to organize a separate group swimming (max. 10 swimmers) to you. This group swimming is separated from the competition and it starts 10 minutes after the start of the official competition. Winter swimmer group is assisted by one safety boat. The swimmers must stay within the group.

Group decides the swimming pace that is suitable for all of the group members. If you want to attend to this plausible group swimming, you have to verify your swimming skills. This verification is done by sending beforehand the documents that will prove the necessary experience to swim without the wetsuit. We hold the rights to qualify and disqualify participants in this plausible group swim. Participants in group swim are chosen in the enrollment order and they are informed about the approval.


Make sure that you have a valid insurance, which compensates the possible injuries that might happen in the competition.


Each swimmer gets a swimming hat with a number on it and a timing bracelet attached to the ankle.


The competition start happens as a mass start by the signal of the dispatcher.


Swimming route is marked with buoys. These buoys are located on the left side of the swimmers. Swimmers of the 3000 meters swim must stay close to the buoys for the whole competition.


Competitors must obey the instructions organizer has given to them before and during the competition. If the competitor doesn't obey the given instructions, his/hers swim can be suspended. Competitors must also swim without disturbing the other competitors.

Problem situations

If you face any problems during the swim, try to reach floating position and draw the security boat's attention with yelling and waving your arm. When the security boat arrives, tell them about the problem and listen carefully the instructions given to you. If you need to quit the competition, you will be taken to the security boat and get a ride to the finish line. In case of emergencies, the boat will take you straight to the medical personnel.

Possible changes

The start of the competition can be delayed or even canceled if the weather conditions are poor. The competition official will make the decision about the changes or demands.

We hold the right to supplement or change these rules. In case of possible changes, we inform the competitors via our newsletter.

Publishing the participant information

By participating in this swimming competition, participants give the permission to the organizer to publish participants name and home country in start- and result lists located in -website.

Agreeing to terms

You approve these rules and terms by enrolling in the competition.

When you arrive to the starting area, we will also ask you to sign a form, where you approve that you participate in the competition with your own responsibility. For underage competitors, we also ask the signings from his/her caretaker.

Last updated: 18th of December 2017