Swim the Arctic Circle, an open water swimming competition, is settled in the Torne river. To guarantee the safety of all contestants there will be canoe riders and rowers in escort boats close by the contestants at all time throughout the swimming distance. The swimming is held along out-marked swimming lanes down the river. 

Doctors and divers will be present within the competition area and multiple of our functionaries have completed a Swedish or Finnish lifesaving course. Due to the length of the swimming distances we recommend wetsuits for all contestants! Use of the safety buoy is allowed.

All other volunteers have undergone the Swedish Swimming Federations official functionaries training.

The Torne river

The Torne river is an unregulated river with free-flowing water. Depending on water levels the streams can be more or less strong. During the competition days the water temperatures are usually between +16 and +19 degrees Celsius.

Swedish Swimming Federation (Svenska Simförbundet) competition rules

SFF rules are in use and rules required to use a wetsuit if the water temperature is under 16 degrees before a start. We are looking for a solution to allow swimming in skin too on 2018, stay tuned!



Keep the following in mind

  • Make sure to have a good basic fitness
  • Practice in open water before the race
  • Try out your wetsuit in good advance so that the fit is correct
  • Strong health is key