Swim the arctic Circle – Open water swimming

The event has been arranged since 2011 and is an open-water swimming competition in the Torne river. The water temperature, the weather during the competition day and the river streams are challenges the contestants have to face.

2000 meters

The mass start at 2000 meters is done during daytime. It starts at the swimming beach and before reaching the finish-line you will have swum by the national boarder.

Start at 14th of july 13:00 (Swedish time).

3000 meters

Night swimming in the bright nordic summer night. Starting from the Finnish beach right after midnight, Finnish time. You will not only swim over the border between Sweden and Finland, but also cross the Arctic Circle and the time zone. Contestants that is able to swim the distance in less than 60 minutes will actually cross the finish-line before the day the competition began.

Start after midnight 15th of july 00:05 (Finnish time).

Competition rules

The competition is held according to the Swedish swimming federation rules.


Competition arrangers

The competition is arranged by IF Polcirkeln and held by Juoksengi Village Association in collaboration with Finnish Juoksengi Village Association.


Area map and addresses

Addresses to navigator:

  • 2000 start in Sweden: Storavägen 123, 95723 Juoksengi
  • 3000 start in Finland: Rantatie 4, 95640 Juoksenki. Notice! there is no transfer from finish area back to Finland.
  • Finish area: Polcirkelvägen 20, 95723 Juoksengi or Övertorneå, Sweden. Car parking next to soccer field and 200 meters walking to riverside.
  • Polcirkelhus / Arctic Circle: Storavägen 60, Juoksengi or Övertorneå, Sweden. Car parking area and place where bus transfer to Finland departure. Distance between Polcirkelhus and finish area is 750 meter.