Welcome to follow Swim the Arctic Circle – Open water swimming-competition.

You are very welcome to watch the exciting competition for free from the shore along almost the entire route.

The shorter distance, 2000 meters, starts and finishes at the Swedish shore. The longer one, 3000 meters, starts from Finnish Juoksenki right after midnight and the contestants finish in Swedish Juoksengi. The contestants thereby have a chance of reaching the finish-line the day before the competition day.

Parking spots

Parking will be available at the Arctic Circle House and by other specially marked out places.


Juoksengi, settled in Övertorneå, is the center for Swim the Arctic Circle. Juoksengi is located about 25 kilometers north of Övertorneå along route 99. If you are traveling from Finland you can cross the boarder in Torneå, Aavasaksa or Pello.

Distances in Sweden

  • Stockholm 1067 km
  • Kiruna 269 km
  • Luleå 173 km
  • Kalix 100 km
  • Haparanda 92 km
  • Pajala 85 km
  • Övertorneå (Matarenki) 23 km

Distances in Finland

  • Helsinki 831 km
  • Tampere 712 km
  • Jyväskylä 564 km
  • Oulu 225 km
  • Levi 183 km
  • Rovaniemi 132 km
  • Kemi 122 km
  • Tornio 95 km
  • Ylitornio 31 km
  • Pello 35 km

Activities during Juoksengi-week

The swimming-competition is a part of the Juoksengi-week, which is arranged every summer in the village with different events happening during the entire week. For two days in the beginning of the week a market takes place by the Arctic Circle house. On Thursday you have the opportunity to come with your car and participate in the traditional car bingo.