Places to stay


The Swedish side of the Juoksengi is the focal point of the event.

Polcirkelhus - Byahuset - Kylätalo

Summer café and restaurant. Here is a car- and trailer park settled as well as a camping ground. Bookings from café.

Hostel Finnmyrten

A guesthouse with accommodation in several different size rooms. E-mail:

Finnmyrten in

Arctic Circle 16

Cabin accommodation in Juoksengi, close to the competition finish area.

Arctic Circle 16 in

The River House

House accommodation in Juoksengi, close to the competition finish area.

The River House in


Finnish Juoksenki is located on the other side of the river, by car 60 kilometers away.

Arctic Camping

Camping in Juoksenki, Finland. Camping ground and cabins. Information at

Arctic Camping in


Svanstein is located about 10 kilometers north of Juoksengi.

Svanstein Lodge

Rooms and cabins.

Svanstein Lodge in

Lapland Lights

Lakesite cottage.



Rantajärvi village is located about 22 km kilometers from Juoksengi.

Rantajärvi Vildmark

Camping ground rooms and cabins. Information at

Matarenki - Övertorneå

Övertorneå municipality central location is 22 kilometers south of Juoksengi.

Norrsken Lodge and Hotel Prästgården

Hotel, cabins and camping ground. Information at

Cottages in and Hotel Prästgården in

Hotel Tornedalia

Hotel in the center of the municipality of Övertorneå.

Hotel Tornedalia in

Tornedalens B&B

Bed and Breakfast in the center of Övertorneå.

Tornedalens B&B in

The Friendly Moose

Guesthouse in the center of the municipality of Övertorneå.

The Friendly Moose in


Aavasaksa in Finland is about 26 km from Juoksengi.

Aurinkomajat - Midnight Sun Cottages

Cabins on the mountain Aavasaksa. Information at

Aurinkomajat in

Aava Sky Village

Cabins on the mountain Aavasaksa.

Aavaloma in


Room and cottage accommodation along with the Caravan Park by the River Tornio right by the border bridge. For more information

Millimajat in


The center of Ylitornio municipality in Finland is about 31 kilometers from Juoksengi. 

Hotel Kievari

Hotel in the center of Ylitornio. Information at

Hotel Kievari in

Holiday resort Karemajat

Hotel and cabins in Ainiovaara. Information at

Hotel rooms in and cottages in

Niuron mökit

Cottages by the Torne river.

Niuron mökit in

Vipati Cottage

Cottage for 4 person in Ainiovaara.

Vipati in


Swedish Pello is about 33 kilometers from Juoksengi and another few kilometers from there is the center of Finnish Pello.

Dessans Café

Dessans café provides price worthy lodging just by the bridge at the border. Information at

Dessans Café in

Hotel Pellonhovi

Pellonhovi is located in the center of Finnish Pello. Information at

Hotel Pellonhov in

Camping Pello

Cabins, trailer park and camping ground. Information at

Pellon Helmi

Holiday cottages, information at

Pellon Helmi in

Motelli Jätkänkolo

Motel in the centrum of Pello. Information at

Jätkänkolo in

Motelli Ruskalinna

Motel in the centrum of Pello. Information at

Heidin mummola

Accommodation at Heidi's Farm in Grandma's Cottage. More information at

Heidin Mummola in

Valkea Arctic Lodge

Cottages in Ritavaara. Information at

Valkea in

Lempeän Suvanto

Accommodation at the old school, 8 kilometers away from Pello.

Lappean Suvanto in


Armasjärvi village in Sweden is located towards the south and is 39 km from Juoksengi.

Villa Armas

Charming bed and breakfast in an old school building.

Willa Armas in

Hedenäset - Hietaniemi

Hietaniemi village in Sweden is located towards the south and it is about 42 km from Juoksengi.

Stencafé cottage

Small cottage in the courtyard of Stencafé.

Cottage in

Vitsaniemi - Risudden

50 km south of Juoksengi, between Övertorneå and Haparanda. 

Arthotel Tornedalen

Comfortable accommodation in Risudden. Information at

Arthotel Tornedalen in


63 km south of Juoksengi, between Övertorneå and Haparanda. 


Cottage for 4 person. Information at

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